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Security Solutions
The Best Video Security systems are being embraced by business owners across properties of all sizes and types, in all locations, for their proven ability to deter and document crime.
OBTS offers IP video security solutions carefully engineered to provide just the right blend of security, inconspicuous design, and affordability/flexibility that is so important in the business environment.
OBTS offers video security systems for business that provide a high rate of recording, internal storage, multiscreen displays, motion detection, and network connectivity – all managed from a user-friendly graphical interface from any permitted local workstation or remote user.
  • System Design, Installation, and Warranty
  • DVR, NVR
  • HD, 4K Cameras
  • Remote Viewing
  • Video Analytics
  • Security Stations
  • Central Management
Status Solutions - Situational Awareness and Response Assistance (SARA) assists organizations with risk management strategy and helps prevent loss of life, property, business, and comfort.
Status Solutions technologies harness triggering events - alarms - and turns them into awareness transactions - alerts with specific details about an unfolding situation sent to the people who need to know, based on each customer's protocols and escalation paths.
With SARA you can control all of your alarm and communication systems from a central point to improve life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.
  • Emergency Response
  • Mass Notifications
  • Mobile Duress, Pull Cords
  • Door and Window alarms
  • Universal Transmitters
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Security Camera Live video
  • Fire Panel Integration
  • Reporting and Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

How can security cameras benefit my business?
Security cameras in Florida provide enhanced surveillance and protection for your business. They deter potential criminals, monitor employee activities, and help in preventing theft and vandalism. With advanced features like remote access and real-time monitoring, you can keep an eye on your business even when you're not physically present.
What makes video security systems the best choice for businesses?
Business Video Security Systems offer several advantages. They provide high-quality video footage, which is crucial for identifying individuals and events. These systems can be customized to meet specific business needs, with features such as motion detection, night vision, and facial recognition. Additionally, video security systems provide a sense of security for employees and customers, fostering a safe and secure environment.
Are video security systems suitable for small businesses?
Absolutely! Video security systems are suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. They offer scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of small businesses. From single-camera setups to comprehensive multi-camera systems, there are options available to fit any budget and security needs.
How can enterprise video security systems enhance security measures?
Enterprise video security systems are designed to meet the complex security needs of large organizations. They offer advanced features such as centralized management, integration with access control systems, and analytics capabilities. These systems provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring maximum security for sensitive areas and critical assets.
Can I monitor my video security system remotely?
Yes, most video security systems offer remote monitoring capabilities. With the use of mobile apps or web-based interfaces, you can access live video feeds and recorded footage from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This allows you to stay connected and keep an eye on your business even when you're away.
How do I choose the best video security system for my business?
Choosing the best video security system depends on various factors such as your specific security needs, budget, and the size of your business. It's recommended to consult with a professional security provider who can assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable system. Factors to consider include camera resolution, storage capacity, scalability, and integration options.
Can video security systems be integrated with other security solutions?
Yes, video security systems can be integrated with other security solutions to create a comprehensive security ecosystem. Integration with access control systems, alarm systems, and video analytics software can enhance the overall security measures of your business. It allows for centralized management and provides a holistic view of your security operations.