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Security Solutions
Video Security systems are being embraced by business owners across properties of all sizes and types, in all locations, for their proven ability to deter and document crime.
OBTS offers IP video security solutions carefully engineered to provide just the right blend of security, inconspicuous design, and affordability/flexibility that is so important in the business environment.
OBTS offers video security solutions that provide a high rate of recording, internal storage, multiscreen displays, motion detection, and network connectivity – all managed from a user-friendly graphical interface from any permitted local workstation or remote user.
  • System Design, Installation, and Warranty
  • DVR, NVR
  • HD, 4K Cameras
  • Remote Viewing
  • Video Analytics
  • Security Stations
  • Central Management
Status Solutions - Situational Awareness and Response Assistance (SARA) assists organizations with risk management strategy and helps prevent loss of life, property, business, and comfort.
Status Solutions technologies harness triggering events - alarms - and turns them into awareness transactions - alerts with specific details about an unfolding situation sent to the people who need to know, based on each customer's protocols and escalation paths.
With SARA you can control all of your alarm and communication systems from a central point to improve life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.
  • Emergency Response
  • Mass Notifications
  • Mobile Duress, Pull Cords
  • Door and Window alarms
  • Universal Transmitters
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Security Camera Live video
  • Fire Panel Integration
  • Reporting and Analytics